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Masterpost of Inbox Requests

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Writing Commissions Post!


Hello, my name is Leni and I’m willing to write you pretty much anything (slash, femslash, gen, sfw, nsfw) for $1 per 200 words! (So $2 for 400 words, $3 for 600 words, $4 for 800 words, $5 for 1000 words, etc.)

Fandoms I will write for include:

—Dangan Ronpa, Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha, DRAMAtical Murder, Durarara!!, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Free!, Haikyuu!!, Kingdom Hearts, Kuroko no Basuke, Madoka Magica, Merlin, Naruto, Natsume Yuujinchou, Pokemon, Supernatural, Tsuritama

If there’s a fandom you want that’s not on here feel free to ask about it and I’ll see what I can do! I’ll also write for original characters, provided you give me enough information about them.

Thank you very much!

[Some more info including disclaimers about my commissions can be found here! Samples of my writing are on my writing blog and AO3 accounts.]

HI FOLKS i’m not sure how many people still pay attention to this account but this right here is my new writing blog and as you can see, i’ve set up commissions. :’) i hope everyone is doing well, and thank you!


    Title: Backstop

    Fandom: Homestuck

    Characters/Pairing: Dirk/Jake

    Author’s Note: Hey so I haven’t written anything in a while so here have this baseball thing??


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      omg why did it take me this long to find you?! But still, amazing work, thank you so much for sharing <3<3 Anonymous

      oh wow gosh this is really late, but thank you so much! I’ve been taking a long break from writing but hopefully I’ll hop back on that train soon, hehe. ;w; I don’t know if you’re still around but this really means a lot!


        Who do you ship as the dom: Dirk or Jake? Anonymous

        Hmm well I feel like at first they’d both be a little awkward with getting handsy and stuff, seeing as they’ve both been by themselves for a long time! but once they get more comfortable and figure out what they’re doing—they’re both pretty competitive so I think they’d have these dumb competitions to see who tops, and switch it up. uwu


          Title: (Not So) Smooth

          Fandom: Homestuck

          Characters/Pairing: Jake/Dirk

          Author’s Note: Oh dang I’ve been writing way too much Jake/Dirk lately, haha! This is a fill for the kink meme that I’ve been working on for a while (I took waaaay too long) and I figured hey, it’s short enough, why the heck not post it here too. uwu


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            You’re turning into the next towering castle corridor, sweeping strides carrying you towards the imminent Quidditch game against Hufflepuff house, when heavy footfalls sound towards you and Jake English taps you on the shoulder from behind. 

            “Hah,” he says, once you’ve turned to face him, “I’ve finally found you, Dirk!”

            The Slytherin team is gathering to prepare for the biggest match of the year in five minutes, but you don’t think you could bring yourself to just walk away from Jake. Damn. “What, did you need something?”

            “Just wanted to wish you luck,” he grins. You’re not sure what’s so amusing until he dips forward to kiss you, rough around the edges because he’s Jake and how else could it be, and wraps his arms snugly around your waist. He smiles against your mouth when you finally respond, and maybe it’s sloppy but you’re sort of buzzed up on pre-game adrenaline right now, so whatever.

            As soon as Jake inches back to let you breathe, you roll your eyes. “That was some good luck kiss, huh. Now we’ll definitely win.”

            “Don’t be preposterous, you don’t need luck,” he assures you, matter-of-factly.

            His dead certainty actually makes you feel pretty nice. The corners of your mouth tug up, just a little. “In other words, you only wanted an excuse to kiss me.”

            “Oh, shut up,” he says, and pulls you close again. You carefully place thoughts of how fucking late you’re going to be into a back cabinet in your brain for now.

            (Screw quidditch, they can all hold their horses for an extra minute or two.) 

            After several long moments, Jake breaks this particular kiss in order to offer you a thoughtful stare. ”You’ll have to watch out for Bludgers,” he informs you eagerly, and you almost snort but then he’s kissing you again, harder now. You figure snorting in someone’s face while you are liplocked qualifies as a moment ruiner.

            You are suddenly hyperaware of what time it is.

            “English,” you murmur; he’s still pressing little kisses to your mouth and okay, shit, that was you leaning towards him that time but still, “Jake, unless I leave now,” (a delay as his hand curls around the nape of your neck in order to hold you in place for another kiss), “I’m going to be late.”

            He seems to realize that he’s—well, with your assistance—really holding you up. “Oh, right,” comes the sheepish reply. “That would be bad.”

            “No shit. I’ll see you after the game, alright?” 

            Jake nods, waves you off, steps back, smiles again. You nod in return and head off. Despite what Jake said just a few minutes ago, you can’t help but feel apprehensive—and logically, you know that kisses for good luck don’t work, but you can’t help but hope that maybe this’ll be one more thing Jake can do that you can’t explain. Yeah.

            Maybe this’ll be it.

            cissie has died of feelings please leave a meSSAGE AFTER KLSDHOWWETWOIO DIRKAJEKgkljLJK UGHHHH BABIES OMG


              oh my golly you're so great ;w; any more jakexdirk? galaxiesforsupper

              oh gosh, thank you for saying so! to answer your question: yup, I will definitely be writing more Jake/Dirk when I have the time~ uwu hopefully soon!


                Title: actions over words

                Fandom: Homestuck/Potterstuck

                Characters/Pairing: Jake/Dirk

                Author’s Note: I was originally going to submit this but yeah kdsgl this is based on one of Cissie’s headcanon things for potterstuck?? yeah ;m;


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                  Hello! I’d just like to apologize for my inactivity on this blog. I haven’t been writing as much lately, and if I have, then there are too many fics I’ve started and that I’m not anywhere near finishing. :’( I do still occasionally update my fill on the kink meme, however.

                  Thank you all for continuing to follow me all the same! <3


                    (Not So) Smooth [ongoing]


                    Title: (Not So) Smooth

                    Fandom: Homestuck

                    Characters/Pairing: Jake/Dirk

                    Author’s Note: So this is my first fill on the Homestuck kink meme—it’s been a while since I wrote for the DRRR one so I’m pretty excited! :’)

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